Los Angeles Liposuction Surgeon Discusses Latest Research

Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates discusses innovative medical research and the latest technology surrounding liposuction from his Los Angeles plastic surgery practice.

Marina Del Rey, California (November 2009) – Board-certified plastic surgeon Grant Stevens, MD is a nationally recognized authority on liposuction in Los Angeles. In recent months he’s seen several articles in medical journals and the popular press about liposuction innovations and would like to share information about some of the more promising medical developments.

Dr. Stevens reports on a recent study released from Stanford’s highly respected School of Medicine which revealed that the fat removed during liposuction could be used to produce stem cells. Published in the September 15, 2009 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy for Sciences, this study demonstrated that stem cells, which are unspecialized and can grow into almost any type of cell found in the body, have been generated from human fat removed through liposuction.

“It’s exciting that liposuction could soon benefit more than a patient’s appearance,” says Dr. Stevens. “This study suggests that in the future, excess fat could be harvested from a patient using liposuction, and then used to generate new tissue and replacement organs in the lab for that same patient.” He continues, “It’s especially promising because this method could circumvent the need for embryonic stem cells, which has been a continued source of ethical controversy.”

“While stem cells have already been generated from skin cells, the study found that using fat cells is 20 times more efficient and approximately twice as fast,” Dr. Stevens explains. “Stem cells have the potential to cure a wide range of diseases and conditions, such as spinal cord injuries, leukemia, and Alzheimer’s disease.”

No stranger to innovations involving liposuction surgery in his Los Angeles practice, Dr. Stevens stays up to date on the latest technology. Marina Plastic Surgery Associates was the first practice in Southern California to introduce the advanced 18-watt Smartlipo™ laser liposuction system, which uses laser energy to dissolve fat cells. This technology is less invasive and more precise than traditional tumescent liposuction and offers patients quicker recovery.

“My patients have high expectations, for themselves and their plastic surgeon,” says Dr. Stevens. “I diligently strive to keep myself at the forefront of liposuction innovations to give my patients pleasing results with attention to their comfort and safety.”

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