Marina Plastic Surgery Associates encourages you to take a few simple steps in preparation for your liposuction procedure. Following the steps presented below will make your recovery from surgery as safe, short and relaxing as possible.

If you are serious about achieving a slimmer, more attractive body contour, please read the information below. Then find out if you are a candidate for liposuction at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates by calling us at 877-298-9915 in Marina Del Rey or using our simple online form to request a consultation.

Your Consultation

When you come to our Southern California plastic surgery center for your initial consultation, your surgeon will discuss with you the different locations in which your body tends to deposit excess fat cells. Your surgeon will also assess your skin for elasticity, provide you with complete physical examination and evaluate your past medical history. This process is essential for establishing you as a candidate for liposuction surgery.

Your surgeon will provide you with a list of specific steps you should take leading up to your procedure. This list might include limiting your use of certain medications, alcohol and cigarettes, and minor changes in your grooming habits. These changes are temporary but very important to your comfort and safety.

Preparing your home before your procedure will help ensure a safe and relaxing recovery. If your procedure will impact your ability to stand or walk for long periods, or reach high places, you may want to prepare meals in advance and move kitchen items out of cupboards and onto the counter. Having a phone, medications and other necessities on a night stand or side table will keep you from having to get up and down. Having extra pillows and blankets already on your bed or couch can also keep you comfortable. If you have pets or children, you should make sure someone is available to care for them while you are recuperating.

On the day of your surgery, we ask that you wear no jewelry or make-up and avoid deodorant, skin lotions and perfume. We recommend warm, loose fitting clothing, such as pajamas or sweat pants with thick socks or slippers to prevent the chills commonly experienced after surgery. Please inform your surgeon if you have a cold, sore throat, active allergies or an open cut or sore on the day of your liposuction.

Most of our patients will be able to go home the same day they undergo liposuction. It is important to make arrangements in advance for someone to drive you home and provide watchful care during the first 48 hours after surgery.