Christy's Liposuction VideoChristy’s Mommy Makeover

After rearing 3 children and losing the weight from her childbearing years, Christy Carleton decided it was time to enhance her figure. Christy opted for breast augmentation, a tummy tuck and liposuction to remove inches of unwanted skin. As seen on Discovery Health Channel

Anna's Liposuction VideoAna’s Aloha Body

Ana gained 60 pounds with her first pregnancy. Four children later, Ana chose to combine tummy tuck surgery, liposuction, breast lift and breast augmentation to restore her body and remove stretch marks. As seen on The Learning Channel’s A Personal Story

Jeremy's Liposuction VideoShaping Strecker

Jeremy Strecker was chubby as a child. After some serious weight loss, Jeremy desired some contouring liposuction and a tummy tuck to remove his loose skin. As seen on Discovery Health: Plastic Surgery Before and After: “Plastic Elastic”

Andre's Liposuction VideoLifting Andre

Andre lost 75 pounds but was left with extra skin around his waist. He visited Marina Plastic Surgery for a tummy tuck and liposuction to lift his sagging skin. As seen on The Learning Channel’s A Personal Story

Liposuction VideoTotal Body Makeover
Follow one patient through her breast augmentation, liposuction, and a tummy tuck at Marina Plastic Surgery, a series of procedures that gave her a whole new body. As seen on

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Is one-stage breast augmentation with mastopexy safe and effective? A review of 186 primary cases.

Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, November-December 2006.

Although some authors have reported that 1-stage breast augmentation with mastopexy does not increase the risks of surgery, recent literature has raised the question of whether better results might be achieved by staging the procedures … Read Entire Abstract

Laser-assisted breast reduction: A safe and effective alternative. A study of 367 patients.

Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, July-August 2006.

Although several studies have been published documenting the safety of laser-assisted breast reduction, they have involved only small numbers of patients … Read Entire Abstract

In vitro deflation of prefilled saline breast implants.

Published in Plast Reconstr Surg, August 2006

The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not prefilled breast implants retain their volume in packaging … Read Entire Abstract

Is it safe to combine abdominoplasty with elective breast surgery? A review of 151 consecutive cases.

Published in Plast Reconstr Surg, July 2006

This study was designed to evaluate and compare the complication rates of patients having abdominoplasty without breast surgery with the rates of those having abdominoplasty with various types of elective breast surgery, including breast augmentation, breast reduction, mastopexy, and mastopexy combined with simultaneous augmentation … Read Entire Abstract

A comparison of 500 prefilled textured saline breast implants versus 500 standard textured saline breast implants: is there a difference in deflation rates?

Published in Plast Reconstr Surg, June 2006.

This study provides the first large-volume (1000 implant) comparison of the deflation rates of Poly Implant Prosthesis prefilled textured saline breast implants versus a control group of Mentor Siltex textured saline implants … Read Entire Abstract

Does lipoplasty really add morbidity to abdominoplasty? Revisiting the controversy with a series of 406 cases.

Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, July-August 2005.

The popularity of plastic surgery “makeover” television programs has increased interest among the public and the medical community in both the positive and negative aspects of combined surgery procedures. In particular, the safety of combining abdominoplasty with lipoplasty became a matter of concern following multiple deaths in Florida and the consequent moratorium on simultaneous abdominoplasty and lipoplasty enacted by the Florida Board of Medicine … Read Entire Abstract

Acceleration of textured saline breast implant deflation rate: Results and analysis of 645 implants.

Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, January-February 2005.

Although inflatable saline implants have been in use since 1965, few studies have examined their deflation rates over time … Read Entire Abstract

“Extreme” cosmetic surgery: a retrospective study of morbidity in patients undergoing combined procedures.

Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, July-August 2004.

It is increasingly common for patients to request that multiple cosmetic procedures be performed during a single operation. The advantages of combined procedures include a single recovery period, reduced surgery costs, and faster patient gratification. Traditional surgical thinking, however, has favored the performance of some procedures individually in an effort to decrease complications associated with prolonged anesthesia … Read Entire Abstract

An integrated approach to the repair of inverted nipples.

Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, May-June 2004.

Many methods for the correction of the inverted nipple have been described, but no consensus has been reached as to which is the best approach … Read Entire Abstract

The endotine: A new biodegradable fixation device for endoscopic forehead lifts.

Published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal, March 2003.

No single technique for fixation of the scalp after endoscopic forehead lift is universally accepted, and complications such as alopecia and regression of elevation have been reported with all techniques … Read Entire Abstract

Complications of injectable synthetic polymers in facial augmentation.

Published in Dermatol Surg, October 1997.

Injectable synthetic materials have been used for augmentation of soft tissue defects, correction of wrinkles, and augmentation of facial features such as the nasal dorsum. Success has been limited by inflammatory reactions, material migration, and the difficulty of removal should complications occur … Read Entire Abstract

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Los Angeles Liposuction Surgeon Discusses Latest Research

Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates discusses innovative medical research and the latest technology surrounding liposuction from his Los Angeles plastic surgery practice…

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