How will I feel right after my liposuction surgery?

Imagine that you’ve just returned from a hard work out at the gym for the first time in several months. The day after that workout, you would feel deep aching and throbbing sensations. This is what our Los Angeles patients experience after undergoing a liposuction procedure — usually a throbbing or aching feeling that is easily tolerated with moderate oral pain medications.

The first day after your surgery, you have already begun your recovery. Pain medications are usually only necessary for the first few days. On days four through fourteen you will still feel sore, but significantly less than you experienced on days two and three.

Visible Changes and Swelling After Liposuction

Though many of our patients are able to see an improvement in their bodies immediately following surgery, the full benefits of liposuction can not be appreciated until after the swelling has gone down. The majority of swelling will go away in six weeks. However, swelling can come and go during that time. Many of our patients will wake up in the morning with treated areas that are smooth and flat, only to experience some swelling in those areas once again by the end of the day. This can be very frustrating, but is a completely normal phenomenon that will stop happening over the course of several months.

In most cases, you will need to wear a compression garment. Even if it seems as though your swelling has diminished, it is helpful to continuing wearing the garment until your recovery period is over.

Time Off From Work Due to Liposuction

We usually recommend that our patients take one week off from work to recover from Los Angeles liposuction. Some of our Southern California patients have undergone surgery on a Thursday and returned to work on a Monday. Patients should realize that they will be sore, but a quick return to work can be done if necessary. Keep in mind that you will be in a compression garment for the first two weeks after surgery, but this garment can be easily concealed under clothing.

Helpful Medication for Liposuction Recovery

Arnica Montana is a wonderful homeopathic medication used to help reduce bruising and swelling. It can be applied to the skin as a cream or gel, or swallowed in tablet form. Our doctors have found Arnica Montana to be beneficial for liposuction patients.

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